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There seems to have been a lot of stock theft going around dA lately. In response to this I am going to be changing my rules just a little bit. I will also be adding watermarks to some of my more popular stock images. I haven't discovered anyone stealing my stock yet, but I know that it's bound to happen someday. I wish that people would have more respect for stock artists. We're doing this for free, the least you can do is respect our rules.

I took a couple of pictures at the stables today that I will be posting soon. We had a jumping lesson and I got a couple of good shots. The lighting was terrible and I ran out of batteries for my external flash halfway through. Better luck next time I guess.

I'm on my way to western clinic tomorrow and I plan on taking my camera along to that as well. Hopefully I will get some good pictures . I'm hoping that the lighting will be better than it is in our arena. I always have to use the flash to compensate, and so many of the horses have a tendency to spook when they see the flash go off.

{|GIMP Brushes| |Horse/Animal Stock| |Nature Stock| |People Stock|}



:Stock Images/Textures:

1) Make sure to give me credit!

For dA use:
You MUST credit me in the in the 'Artist's Comments' section below the image. Please link back to this account.

Outside of dA:
Credit must be placed on the image if you are planning on displaying your work outside of dA. You must also tell me where you will be using the image. Here are a few examples of acceptable credits:

"Horse stock (c)…"

"Horse stock by snowyowl88-stock at"

"Horse stock (c) Linnea Nordström"

2) Please link back to this account.

3) Drop me a note/comment and tell me where you've used my stock. I'd love to see the result!

4) My stock may not be used in works of art that have a  racial, pornographic, or discriminating theme.

5) My stock may not be reposted as stock on any other website. You may not claim it as your own or re host it on your own server!

6) No commercial use allowed, unless I give you special permission. The same goes for dA prints, please ask me first.

7) Enjoy!


1) Please credit me in the 'Artist's Comments' section if the image is for dA use only. Credit on the image is not required, but it would be appreciated.

2) I'd love to see where you use my brushes, so drop me a link if you can.

3) My stock may not be used in works of art that have a  racial, pornographic, or discriminating theme.

4) No commercial use allowed. The same goes for dA prints, please ask me first if you would like to use my brushes in a print.

5) Do not redistribute my brushes, do not claim them as your own work.

6) Enjoy!

Check out my main account to see my photomanipulation work + a little bit of poetry.

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Poisons-Kiss Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for your wonderful stock! I've used it here: [link]
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Ihania kuvia siulla, miten lie löydät tollasia kuvauspaikkoja. Upeaa :)
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Used your stock here: [link]

Thank you.
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used your stock here: [link]
thank you :D
Sabina13 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
Hello, im goin to use Sadness, and im goin to use it on the website to make a graphic, i will link what it looks like after im done.
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I used your stock here:

Thank you!
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It'll be used on Thanks =)
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